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Welcome to Chilliwawa, my dog website dedicated to sharing my experience of life as a doggie mum to my beloved pooch Chilli! We have learned so much together along the way that I can’t wait to share it with you.

Because I love my dog - Chilliwawa

Meet Chilli Chihuahua

Chilli is a feisty and spicy little Chihuahua who thinks he is the size of a lion! He’s a celebrity Instagram Influencer and loves to attend events and parties, as well as being on ITV1 with Gok Wan. He is also a country boy who adores  nature but is stuck with city life in Notting Hill, London, with me! 🙂 He’s also quite sporty, and loves his dog training and activities.

Chilli Chihuahua sitting in a field of flowers

Chilli and I met when he was just 7 weeks old, and it was love at first sight. Believe it or not, he chose me!  I for one certainly have no regrets!

Chilli and I want to share everything we’ve learned to provide useful information for you and your dog. From raising a puppy to learning all about your dog’s health, diet and exercise requirements, from dog training and activities to grooming and travelling with your dog – you name it, Chilli and I have been there and done it.I will also provide any recommendations, information and links to useful websites that I come across. We hope you enjoy!


Chilli & Yasmin

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Being a doggie parent is so much fun and we learn so much along the way. Find out about our experiences, recommendations, experts advice and so much more!