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How to support a reactive dog

Chiwawa autumn leaves

Chiwawa Autumn Fun

XNovember 11, 2016
It was a glorious autumn morning today with the sun streaming into our home. Mummy and I woke up, looked at each other and smiled as we had the same
Chilliwawa calm during fireworks

How to Calm Your Dog on Bonfire Night

XOctober 29, 2016
Bonfire Night Fireworks: How Does Your Dog React? Every year on the 5th November us doggies face an event where humans think it’s good fun to create loud explosions in
Halloween Skeleton Dog Costume

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Dogs

XOctober 21, 2016
At last! Halloween is just around the corner and I’m so excited!! Not only will I get lots more doggy treats than usual but I also get to try on
Chilli Chihuahua Chilliwawa on happy bench

Cute Dog Stories: The Happy Bench!

XOctober 13, 2016
Cute Dog Stories in Notting Hill Oh how the cute dog stories are piling up! It seems Mommy and I can’t even go for a short afternoon walk around Notting