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what is a hypoallergenic diet

What is a hypoallergenic dog diet?

XMarch 24, 2021
Dog diarrhoea, gastritis and IBD Many of our dogs at some point in their lives develop digestive issues unfortunately. Some vets report seeing 4-5 cases of diarrhoea daily! Some also
Over 400 Chihuahuas at the fest of chihuahuas

Fest of Chihuahuas!

XAugust 15, 2017
I was so excited when Mummy told me we were going to the Fest of Chihuahuas! Imagine, a whole day dedicated to my kind. They said over 400 Chihuahuas were
Chilli Chihuahua and his friends

The Importance of Being a Chihuahua!

XApril 1, 2017
The Card Conundrum I was invited to my friend Nikita’s first birthday pawty and decided to make her a special card! The only problem was that without opposable thumbs, getting
Chilli Chihuahua wearing Xmas tree glasses

A Chihuahua-tastic Christmas!

XDecember 20, 2016
My dear friends, it’s this time of year again, where us little Chihuahuas get cold but get to wear some super cool clothes and accessories! I even have the best
Chilli Chihuahua with his buddy Lucky

Boys Will Be Boys!

XDecember 1, 2016
Hey Lucky, Where Shall We Go Next? My buddy Lucky is hanging out with me today. We’re having a tail wagging sleep over! Whenever he comes to stay we have